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4383 Northlake Blvd. Suite 309 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

gardens chiropracticPalm Beach Gardens Rehabilitation Services and Techniques

At Gardens Health & Wellness we offer Palm Beach Gardens Rehabilitation services to help patients recover from injuries and find pain relief from chronic conditions. At our clinic, we offer a variety of services and techniques to create personalized treatments for each patient. Services offered at our wellness clinic include auto accident relief, post surgery recovery, massage therapy, Pilates instruction, physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Auto Accident Recovery and Injury Rehab

Auto mobile accident victims benefit from chiropractic care as it alleviates pain from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. Even seemingly minor collisions can result in whiplash which causes neck and back pain. Studies have shown symptoms of whiplash can be delayed, not manifesting for several days or even weeks.

During a motor vehicle collision, the human body absorbs the force of the impact and the result is often painful whiplash, herniated discs, or strained muscles. A spinal adjustment at our office will correct misalignments and will help to prevent muscle cramping and fatigue. We also provide non-surgical spinal decompression therapy for repairing herniated and bulging discs, both of which are common auto accident injuries. All of these procedures are natural treatments that work with the body and have little to no side-effects.

Post Surgery Recovery Care and Treatments

Gardens Health and Wellness offers post surgery recovery services to help patients get back to their active lifestyles. Our rehabilitation services are designed to help post surgery patients regain mobility, functionality and strength after extended periods of rest.

Our chiropractor may also prescribe spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy or other procedures alongside rehab to maximize patient recovery. Additionally, our physical therapists will work with Dr. Scuderi to  design a personalized program using exercises that aid in the healing process. Our team of therapists strive to help our patients recover quickly, safely, and fully.

Massage Therapy for Maximum Relief

Massage therapy is often combined with our other rehabilitation services as a natural complement. This manual therapy is a natural approach to soothing muscular pain and relaxing the body.  Massage therapy addresses the joints and the soft tissues, including the muscles and fascia, and extends the benefits of chiropractic care and physical therapy by releasing tension. Some benefits of massage therapy include relaxing muscles, relieving muscle pain and spasms, increasing blood circulation, and reducing swelling. Our massage therapists help patients recover and heal by allowing them to relax and relieving tension.

Pilates Instruction for Core Strength and Conditioning

Pilates is an innovative exercise designed to challenge both the body and mind. Pilates training helps to stretch and strengthen muscles while allowing the mind to relax and concentrate on body movements. Many physical therapists will incorporate Pilate's exercises into their treatment program because it gives patients the opportunity to understand their body's connectivity and alignment, while also building muscle to support the body's bone structure. Pilate's equipment in our office is used to help patients concentrate on the "core" of the muscles and allow them to build strength through resistance exercises. It also helps build endurance.

Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is an important tool we utilize for pain relief and rehab. This treatment helps with injury recovery and rehabilitation. The physical therapists at Garden Health and Wellness use state of the art equipment and techniques to aid patients in their recovery.

Our therapists will create an individualized program for each patient with exercises that focus on the cause of the injury, reduce pain and strengthen muscles as they heal.  Physical therapy is offered in office, but patients will also learn exercises to do at home so that they can speed up their recovery process. Certified physical therapists are on site to provide individual service to all patients.

Chiropractic Care as a Foundation for Recovery and Prevention

Chiropractic care is the foundation at Gardens Health and Wellness. Dr. Phillip Scuderi is an experienced chiropractor providing patients with advanced spinal correction by using superior chiropractic techniques.

The advanced correction methods used by chiropractors are safer and more effective than procedures used in the past. At Gardens Health and Wellness, we utilize new equipment like the Hill Air-Flex table for specific low-force spinal adjustments. This machine uses flexion/extension movements to the spine to treat specific cases.

To learn more about our services and techniques, call us at 561.775.4900.



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